Look at yourself, woman. 

Look within yourself and see the pain and anguish you suffer. 

Search yourself for the flaws you despise, the fat, the sloth, the confusion. 

See the things you don’t like about yourself, the things on which you dwell too long. 

Examine how you treat yourself within your mind, the words you call yourself. 

Come, stand by me. 

Look through my eyes, woman, and see yourself how I see you. 

See the strength it takes to get out of bed every morning?

See the beautiful body that allows you to move, earn, care for your family, your friends?

See the courage it takes to love in the face of adversity!

See the character you have built that is strong, brilliant, and kind, 

The kind of person a lot of women strive to be. 

See yourself through my eyes and 

Know that you are loved without measure. 

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