More Beauty Blogging – Skin Care!

I recently learned the wonders of serums, night creams, and making sure I look after my skin (by which I mean NOT falling asleep in my makeup, no matter how little I’m wearing). Which, in my late 20s, seems rather ridiculous to only just be thinking about it now. There are 15 year olds with better skin care regimes than me and they’ve been doing it much longer than I have. I’d  like to think I was too busy living the party life to even have time to think about my skin. The truth is, I’m just lazy. Then I realised I was spending more time on my skin and on products for my skin because I wasn’t looking after it properly. So I decided to have a look-see at what all the fuss was about.

After doing some research in to places like Sephora, Mecca, and other fancy name brand products I remembered that I’m poor. Like, I work minimum wage, just got out of debt, trying to rebuild/restart my life poor, all while trying to save for a trip to Disneyland #2  in my almost 30s. So I needed products that work and are cheap. This combination is not as easy to find as one might think without a lot of research. Throw in the fact I have certain rules about ethical practices, animal testing, and palm oil and I’m allergic to lavender, I was in for a bad time.

My hunt began whilst scrolling through beauty blogs here on WordPress. That lead to wandering Sephora and Mecca Cosmetics, which lead me to wandering the isles of Australia’s beloved Chemist Warehouse, a ‘mecca’ of sale items and product ranges in literally a pharmacy/drug store warehouse. Standing in front of the product isles, scanning everything with my palm oil scanner app, painstakingly reading every ingredient. After a little bit of research (I must admit, I was pretty lazy this time round) I came across the Essano rosehip range.

Essano Rosehip oil, available at most places I’ve walked in to looking for cheap face oil.

This bad boy is sold almost everywhere (supermarkets, chemists, Priceline, etc), but it’s about $20-$30 depending on where you go. I managed to get it on sale for about $15 from Chemist Warehouse. Thankfully it’s an oil with an eye dropper system, so it lasts a long time. Three to six drops covers your face and neck perfectly. I’ve found this product is lovely. I only use it at night after my shower and about an hour before I put on my night cream before getting in to bed. It isn’t sticky, it doesn’t have any pungent smells, and while it is definitely an oil, it doesn’t leave me feeling like I could perform a slip’n’slide with my face.

Since using the oil, my face has been a lot clearer. My milia have reduced, my flaky bits are practically non existent and I’m not having as many breakouts (including around that time of the month). I’ve noticed a very minimal amount of colour correction – which is to say I’m not as blotchy on a day to day basis. I’m not sure I can attribute that factor solely to this oil, or it’s just a correlation.

The next product I invested in was the Voeu Day Cream and the Voeu Night Cream; And they were dirt cheap. Woolworths currently has it on sale for $6. Usually it is a whopping $8. I know, breaking the bank, guys. The day cream has a horrifyingly pungent smell to it that made me dizzy and my asthma flared, so I gave it to my housemate. The night cream however has very little to no scent. I purchased this about two weeks after the oil, so I added it to my skin care regime.

Voeu skin care range, available at Woolworths

This range comes with quite a few products, but I’ve only tested the day and night cream for Age Protection. This is made for 20-40 year olds, give or take a few years on the age-o-meter on the side of the box. Like I said, I hated the smell of the day cream, but I’ve been pretty happy with the night cream. Even with the Rosehip oil seeping quietly in to my skin, the night cream blends in and absorbs nicely. It doesn’t leave any residue that I’ve noticed and my skin still feels hydrated the next morning. I’ve been getting compliments at work even when I don’t wear any makeup.  Which in itself is a big thing – I feel confident going to work with no makeup on, regardless of how well I slept. Sure, my eyes may have suitcases under them, but my skin looks clear and refreshed and I look like I’m ready to take on the day. No blotchyness, no visible pores… It’s been a revelation.

My next product of choice is one I’ve been using a while now. My day moisturiser is what I use before I put on primer, makeup, or just walk out of the house. And crazy fact… It’s “For Men”.

Sukin Facial Moisturiser FOR MEN

With cinnamon and citrus blends this stuff invigorates the senses and smells amazing as it absorbs in to the skin. Thankfully though it isn’t overpowering and settles quickly. It absorbs with no residue and leaves skin really soft and fresh-looking. With sesame, coconut, jojoba and Aloe Vera, this baby is so smooth and soothing. My skin has never reacted poorly to it, and I genuinely look forward to putting it on in the morning. I feel like I missed an important part of my day if I leave my room without applying it. That’s probably just me being a weirdo, though. You can pick this baby up for somewhere between $10-$15. It’s a decent sized bottle (225 ml) and one squirt covers your face and neck with some left over for your weenus (elbow skin).

So there you go! That’s what I use in my daily/nightly skin care regime. I’ll look in to the face cleansers I use, because there are SO MANY of them, it will need its own page. Which, I get is odd, but hey! The curse of combination skin based on what time of the month it is and the weather! Also, it doesn’t help when I use old, probably bad makeup for the sake of entertaining myself….

Let me know what you use and love, and until next time, stay silly xx

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