Where Did That Post Go?

A few days ago I posted a blog post about something personal and unsettling that happened to me. The same day I removed it from this site. I had a few of my readers ask me where it went, and my housemate asked me why I chose to remove it and if I’ll ever post it back up. All very valid questions, and I have no idea if I have answers for you.

The thing is, what happened was a shitty experience. And in the post I said that the person the post was about had removed all my contact information, but mere hours after I posted the blog, he tried to call me. That scared the living day lights out of me. Chances are it was complete coincidence, but it rattled me so deeply, I took the post down immediately, logging in through my phone and trashing the post.

While I’ve now blocked this person from being able to contact me (as he should have already done when I asked), I’m still hesitant to put the post back up. I’ve written about the responsibility we have as writers, and that includes speaking our truth. The trashed post is my truth and I feel that people need to be comfortable talking about scary and taboo topics. But that doesn’t mean foregoing a sense of personal safety. And right now, having that post up (followed by an unexpected phone call) left me feeling rattled enough to not feel safe with the post being left up… for now.

There may be a time where I repost it. There may never be a time that I feel comfortable reposting it. I simply don’t know. For now, those who read it, thank you. For those who didn’t, I’m sorry.

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