Another fitness check in

It was back in early February that I last did a fitness check in, and since then I’ve failed spectacularly. I gave up on calorie counting, I stopped going to the gym altogether and my will to look after myself decreased dramatically. I still managed to fit in to the Maid of Honour dress, but ever since early February my motivation (and self care) has been sub-par.

I know I’m not the only one who goes through waves of motivation and depressive slumps, and I’m aware that I do it a lot. But recently I’ve begun to feel completely depressed. Maybe it’s the hormone slump of ovulation, or the hormone increase of my period, but the idea that I’ve gained a lot of weight has begun, well, weighing on me. I’m not happy. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. My face feels fuller and my tummy looks horrific when I lay on my side.


A few weeks ago I woke up with an overwhelming desire to get my shit together. I needed to take care of a few mental burdens first, like my finances, but once that process had begun everything started to snowball. I started going to bed at a reasonable time again. I started sleeping more fitfully. I’ve started going to the gym again. Small sessions, maybe 30 minutes, but it’s made a hell of a difference. After 3 weeks of barely eating unless being forced to by friends, my body now craves food again – good food, at that. I feel like I may get some semblance of sanity back.

I started meal prepping again too, which has felt amazing, and so much more financially viable. It’s allowed me to actually enjoy food again and my brain function feels like it’s starting to return to normal. I don’t feel like I’m trying to think through a hazy fog. I’m hoping the motivation sticks around for a while, but hopefully it eases in to habit before I begin to slump again.

I’ve been looking online, trying to figure out if buying (or building) a home gym will be more financially viable in the long run. Considering all I really need is a multi-purpose rack for bench press, rack squats, and dead lifts (everything else can be done with TRX straps, resistance bands and HIIT training), I feel like paying through the teeth for gym memberships all over the country is a silly financial decision. But I definitely need my weights.

What do you guys think? I’m interested to hear your thoughts on home gyms, gym membership prices, and the difference in motivation between home workouts and going somewhere else to train.

Stay silly, be kind, and train like a beast xx

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