I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)

So, a few weeks ago I underwent a dramatic aesthetic change. I chopped all my hair off. I went from Rapunzel to Flynn Rider… but shorter. Ok, maybe not that suave.  Let’s be real for a moment… I look like one of the Stabbington brothers banged Justin Beiber and birthed me.


That delightful imagery aside, I love my hair. It’s easy to do, I’m not constantly looking for a brush every 10 minutes, I’m not wasting literal hours of my day fidgeting with my hair by braiding it, unbraiding it etc. I’m not getting headaches from how heavy it is anymore – Even after I’d shaved half my hair it was still SO HEAVY. Having it up in a pony tail or bun would be agony after an hour or two. I’m also saving so much money on products. I will not have to buy shampoo or conditioner for as long as I live at this rate. It’s pretty great.

With my short hair came a very, very strange sensation though. While I love how easy it is to manage and do, and I rarely think about what it looks like any more, I no longer feel, like, pretty. Which is a super weird concept for me. I’ve never thought I was pretty – but my hair gave me that semi illusion that it was pretty. And I no longer had the pretty thing on my body, under my control. For about 5 minutes I sat very confused, wondering who I was and why I cared about whether or not I was pretty. But the truth is, I went from feeling pretty to feeling roguish. They’re vastly different feelings. Now I feel like I have to apply more effort to look “cute” or “pretty” than simply tousling my hair and pouting.

So today I woke up with a massive desire to feel pretty. And what better way to do that than to do a glam face. I haven’t done glam in a really long time and given everyone else is doing Mothers Day things today, I figured it was the best excuse to go makeup shopping and spend an hour or two listening to The Dollop and have some me time. I went and picked up some new concealer and lash glue, and got down to business while Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds humoured me with some American and Australian History.

start with a fresh, moisturised face

As discussed previously, I adore Sukins’ facial moisturiser for men. I followed it with my Rimmel Long Lasting full coverage foundation. Using my trusty beauty blender, I buffed it in to my face, then added my fancy new concealer – Master Conceal Camouflaging concealer by Maybelline. Once again, buffing that baby in to my face.


I was pretty happy with what the new concealer did. It really did a good job getting rid of the bags under my eyes and my blemishes. I didn’t use any colour correction this time round because I wanted to see how it went. When I went to contour I used a colour I’ve never used before in my Models Prefer contour pallet. It was a lot warmer than I’m use to, but I figured I would go for a nice bronzy glow.

I know I can’t be the only person who does it, but when I put my contour on, I start feeling like a raptor. Before I buff it in and blend it out I start snapping, extending my neck, retracting my arms and making shrieking noises around the house. It makes makeup a lot more fun, and admittedly, makes it take a while longer. But Goddamn. That shit makes me happy. After the contour was blended in I moved on to eyes. A whole colour pallet I never normally use. I used my new lash glue, the beautiful lashes that were used for my best friends wedding, and my liquid eyeliner that I never use either. I relished the opportunity to use my Stila metallic glitter and glow eyeshadow for a bit of pop!

Once everything had been applied (highlighter, blush, etc) I had to choose my lipstick. That was an insane decision. Every now and then I’m reminded just how many lipsticks I own. I went for my Mac Frost Fluid. Once everything had been applied I felt… Ridiculously glam. I must have used three layers of setting spray between layers of powder and blush and contour. I’ve been watching a lot of beauty tutorials recently and lo! No more over-drying of my powder layers. My skin is still thanking me, several hours later.


I got to spend the day feeling pretty. Which lead to a bajillion photos being taken and a few guitar covers being recorded. I completely spaced on the idea of filming a new Vlog though, which, in hindsight was a bit silly.

I felt really beautiful today, despite having no one to see it in person and nowhere to really go while in a full face. But one thing it did do was remind me that it’s not hard to feel pretty. It’s just perspective. I’d put in hard work. I’d listened to comedy, and I made myself laugh by pretending to be a dinosaur. All those things lead to me feeling better about myself – not just the abundance of product on my face.

Once I’d taken everything off, and as I lay here in bed now, I can honestly say I still feel good. I had a laugh at myself. I had a productive day. I was able to meditate and focus on one thing at a time. I took the time to look after myself, which I think so many of us forget to do. It’s important to take that time; to look after yourself. Whether it’s a spa day at home, or a day at the markets wandering with no rush… that time is needed to ground ourselves and recenter. So even after I’ve taken my makeup off, as my lids get heavy, and my fitbit starts to think I’m asleep, I’ll go to bed feeling pretty once more.


Stay silly kids xx

6 thoughts on “I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)

  1. You’re always pretty!
    But seriously, there is nothing ‘prettier’ than being happy in your own skin (and hair) and I freaking love your hair. I wish I could have a haircut like that. xxxxx
    Love ya lots


    1. Thank you darling! It’s so good to hear from you.
      While how I look isn’t something I overly concern myself with, being in recruitment I’m face to face with people every day – so there has to be some kind of superficial awareness to what I look like. It was strange to think of myself in terms of “pretty” and “not pretty” considering it rarely enters my stream of consciousness. For me, the term pretty is an external thing – something other people think – their opinion. So being overly concerned about other’s opinions on how I look kind of shook me a bit.


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