Book Vs E-reader

Now, we know I love my books. They’re my preciouseses and I need them with, around, near and on me at all times. But I have indeed confessed to being a e-reader owner as well. I want to compile a short list of pros and cons for both, and kind of explain how (and why) I went from paperback hoarder to e-reader owner and why I like love them both. (I’m still a book hoarder, by the way. Let’s be clear on that!)



They smell amazing
It’s easier to get immersed in ink on paper.
That amazing SCHICK sound as you turn a page over to hurriedly get to the next sentence.
A library looks pretty darn swell.
Perusing a book, flicking back and forth looking at different photos, chapters as needed.
The ability to colour code and easily get the information you need
They’re a solid gift/ there’s nothing like passing on a book that you loved to another person for them to enjoy it too
They don’t run out of battery

They can be heavy
No such thing as a comfy reading position
They take up a lot of space
Moving house with them is a real bitch
If they get wet, chances are they’re dead
Spines wear out
Sun damage
People don’t return them if you lend them out
Very flammable
Shelves get dusty

There are so many things to love about books. My whole family are book obsessed. My mother and I recently had a conversation where we made a pact to throw out (donate/gift) at least 20 books. Theoretically this is easy enough to do. 20 books out of a whole library is not that difficult. But when we’ve conditioned ourselves to give books as gifts on Easter instead of chocolate, and to gift books as Christmas Eve precursors… We’re in for a bit of trouble. Our family’s bonding rituals lay in our love of the written word. But they do absolutely have their cons. For example, my mother lost about $1000 AUD worth of books to her studio flooding last winter. If those books had been on a kindle, chances are she’d still have them…

Which brings me to E-readers.


Can read in the dark without waking the person next to you up
Some are water-proof
A whole invisible library in 200g (or there about)
Not as easily flammable
“Books” are significantly cheaper (for the most part)/free
E-reader covers can flip/fold to create a “book” stand
The cover are customisable to your personality/aesthetic
Some have red-light backing options to make it easier to read at night

Battery life
Usually dead when you need it most
More likely to be stolen as it’s tech
Can’t lend books out to share the love
Less easy to flip back and forth through chapters
No comfortable reading position
Some don’t have cross-file compatibility


In 2015 I was solely a physical book only kinda gal. I could give you every con of e-readers known to mankind, and was vehemently against people who used them. Then I kind of grew up. I changed my perception. If what I wanted was for people to be reading, why was I not happy that people had found a reading mechanism that suited their life? They were reading! Who cares how they were doing it? At the end of 2016 I went to China and realised very quickly that I couldn’t take all my books with me on my first ever real holiday. So, I sucked it up, took the plunge, and bought a Kindle Paperwhite.

Now, this topic is one I could talk about for hours and I waiver back and forth between what I think is best. A lot of the pros and cons can also be interchanged between both e-readers and books, and within themselves, and we all know there is no such thing as a permanently comfortable reading position (anyone who’s ever claimed to have found it has been declared a liar).

Deep down, I know I love my physical books with a passion hitherto unknown to the world, but my love of my e-reader is blossoming like a slow and tender love; and as technology gets better, so do e-readers. Different companies obviously offer different things in their e-readers, which is a whole other kettle of fish that I personally can’t speak on because I’ve only ever owned the one. The good thing about physical books is they’re all much of a muchness. Pages, bound, done.

Let me know about your love affair with the written word! Do you prefer physical books or your E-reader? Would you ever convert to an E-reader?


Stay silly, folks xx

One thought on “Book Vs E-reader

  1. I love books, however of late I’m finding it harder and harder to find certain titles in print, they are only available on e-readers. While this may save money in the future, I feel I’m having my hand forced towards e-readers. I spend a good portion of my working day in front of a computer, I like the feel of paper in my hand, the smell of the paper, the sound of the paper turning. the weight of a good book in my bag. I understand why e-readers are good for travelling, floating in the pool or even fitting in small bags, but I’m sticking to books and if authors miss out on that tinnie tiny bit of revenue. Tough luck. 2nd had book stores RULE!


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