Trying to get back in to habits

Recently I picked my guitar up again, and bless my housemates, they haven’t complained. I’ve been playing with startling regularity recently that I decided to get a full set up done to my guitar. This meant having the action lowered, neck reset, fret and machine heads cleaned and new strings put on it. Everything my beautiful guitar had needed for quite some time. I’m genuinely surprised no one had complained about my playing previously, given how tinny the sound quality was getting. Now my guitar feels and sounds brand new (I’m still not convinced they gave me back my guitar – I’m fairly certain it is, in fact, a new guitar).

small insight in to my half unpacked bedroom!

With this renewed love of my music, I’ve realised the last year in our old house was a creativity sink. We were all not overly thrilled with where we lived, but I didn’t realise how much of a toll it took on us as individuals and as a family. It didn’t feel like home, we weren’t content, we were just surviving because it was a roof over our head (marginally), and it was slightly closer to work than our previous house. But one housemate stopped sewing and designing as much. The other didn’t really program or come up with insane experiments any more. I certainly stopped playing music, and wasn’t writing unless I was out of the house.

Along with the discontent, my healthy eating fell by the wayside. There are a lot of reasons for that; A different work environment where only three people really care about their body, a kitchen that was verging on unusable, 1-1.5 hour travel time to and from work, and sheer laziness. I mean, Ubereats and Menulog are just so goddamn convenient… But those reason aside, it was not a house we wanted to be in, nor was it one that generated any sort of love – for self or otherwise.

2 months ago I decided to delete the food apps. I knew I was only hurting myself – not only with how many burgers I was eating, but with how much each delivery cost. My wallet and waistline have both been very grateful. I’m slowly getting in to food prep again and over the last few weeks I’ve done massive cook ups of some lentil, quinoa and mango curry, vegan peanut butter stir fry, and a few others that have kept me going for meal after meal. I’ve started looking at healthy recipes again and enjoy spending time in our kitchen and sharing meals with one another.

The move to the new house has had some incredible knock-on effects to our habits. Having a fresh veggie market so close though has done wonders for our kitchen and our health. Being an almost entirely vegetarian household, having access to cheap, quality fruits and veggies (as well as proteins) has been a game changer. We’re no longer living off sale item frozen meals that are filled with sugar and sodium. We have a new kitchen that, while small, is usable and pleasant to cook in. We are able to spend more time together over meals or a drink because we all get home at reasonable times. We’ve all began getting back in to our hobbies. We’re moving more because we can walk almost everywhere we need to go. We’re happier, and we’re becoming a cohesive unit again.

Stay silly… and healthy! xx

2 thoughts on “Trying to get back in to habits

    1. Oh boy, if I ever get the gall to showcase any guitar playing, I’ll definitely upload something. For now I think I’ll work n building up my calluses and playing for fun and never showing anyone!
      Thank you though!

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