Introducing “Pips Pro Tips”

Let’s put a disclaimer on this before anything else is said.

I’m not a professional in anything other than business – and even then, it’s only because I’ve worked in business for several years, had/have my own business, and have a qualification in business. I also feel super awkward about using the term “professional”, despite the fact I work in corporate attire occasionally and have a career with progression opportunities in a “professional environment”. Most of me is not ready to be considered an adult, let alone a professional.

All of my “Pro tips” are nice little snippets found during trial and error, experimentation, watching an excess of media (Youtube, Netflix, documentaries), and talking to other people in a vast array of fields. Pips Pro tips will be super short little snippets of little tips that have been gathered to make life a little more easier, or a little more fun. Basically, tips and tricks to improve mood, makeup, organisation, aesthetic, fitness… Whatever.

The idea started because of a conversation I had been having for several months. I want to provide you all with more content, but I want it to have a purpose. I don’t want to spam you for the sake of spamming. I’d toyed with several ideas, but I didn’t love any of them enough to follow through and waste my time on the idea or figuring out how categories or extra pages on the site would work.

While I was very, very ill a few weeks ago my housemate and I were out getting some life saving essentials when, in my delirium I kept giving him little hot pieces of advice for nearly every item of every isle we wandered down. He grabbed me, shaking me from my reverie and declared I was giving him the best pro tips anyone could provide and I needed to share them with you all. After a few weeks of thinking about it, I’ve decided it would be fun.

Hopefully you find them beneficial, hopefully you find something you like, or even have used yourself! Keep your eyeballs peeled for the first Pips Pro Tip coming soon!

Stay silly, stay kind xx

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