Pips Pro Tip #1

Alrighty McFrighty! Lets kick this baby off with a super common beauty tip that seems crazy that not everyone knows it!

Using a priming/prepping spray (or even water) to make your eye shadow and highlighting POP!

Have you ever done your makeup and wondered why it isn’t as pigmented and glowy as the magazines, or that person you saw walking down the street yesterday? Aside from Photoshop and expensive makeup, the answer may be as simple as “they spritzed their brush before application.”

A lot of beauty gurus I follow love MAC Fix+ which is a prepping and primer mist, but seeing as MAC use animal testing I get wary and feel icky buying their products. There are plenty of other brands out there that offer prep/primer spray or you can make your own!

So there you have it! Spritz your brush with a light mist, and your makeup with have more sticking power and the colour will be brighter and bolder like never before!

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