Nailed It

I’m back to vlogging! I can only apologise for the lack of any sort of YouTube content, but I needed down time. At the same time it felt good to being back in front of the camera and not worrying about makeup, hair, what I was wearing… and the filming style is very… hodge-podge to say the least.

Over the weekend a friend and I embarked on an adventure to make a 3 tiered wedding cake after binge watching the Netflix creation Nailed It. We didn’t use a famous photo as inspiration, we just felt like baking and a wedding cake seemed that little bit “Extra” to make it a challenge.

I think the reason creating something so silly was so appealing was because I’ve been having mild anxiety attacks over the last week. I needed something to distract me; something that involved methodical patience and structure, but had an end result. And I needed to do it with company.

I remember living alone and using baking as an outlet for frustration, depression, and loneliness. It gave me an excuse to get people together without seeming needy because hey, there’s cake or pie to be enjoyed! I wasn’t comfortable enough with my mental health to ask for help or companionship. These days I’m getting better, and I have friends who understand what mental health issues look like and are super supportive… Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to dick around with butter cream frosting?

I was over the moon to remember I have two matching aprons from my hospitality days, so on they went as we looked up recipes, trying to pick the most luxurious butter cake and butter cream frosting recipes we could find.

adorable matching aprons


It took most of the afternoon and my camera dying several times during filming, but we got there. We’d made a really hilarious cake that tasted like cake… good cake. I couldn’t have been more proud if we’d actually known what we were doing.

The biggest win came when my housemate – not a cake eater – said it was in the top 5 of best cakes he’d ever eaten. I even teared up a little. I had forgotten the joy of watching people enjoy a creation, and the closeness sharing a home-made meal or dessert can create.

I’m hoping to spend Thursday and Friday night editing the footage from several hours of hot mess to a more cohesive, shorter hot mess, so please keep an eye out on the Tirades YouTube channel for the footage early Saturday!

Let me know in the comments if you like baking, if you have an tips, and if you find baking as therapeutic as I do!


Until next time, stay silly, stay sweet! xx

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