Always hit save

In my previous post I was so thrilled to announce I was back to vlogging. I have hours of footage I’m scouring through, and, if anyone has ever edited videos, you know it can be a tedious process. There’s some great moments, hilarious jokes, and just general amusement, but they’re rare-ish gems among hours of measuring, mixing and baking.

I spent a lot of my Thursday and Friday nights gearing up to edit the footage. I had set time aside in my calendar, deliberately not made plans with friends so I could get it done. I had to spend hours clearing off disk space (and subsequently ordering a new hard drive for more space) to even begin downloading the footage to edit. Once that was done though, I was excited to be opening my editing software – as shabby as it may be.

I became so enthralled with watching, cutting, removing, and rearranging pieces of footage I must have sat there for nearly two hours before I stood up to take a stretch. I stepped away from my PC and in the 10 seconds it took for me to stretch and go to sit back down my PC rebooted with zero warning.

I lost everything.

To say I was angry doesn’t even come close to the seething rage that bubbled up in the moment my screen went blue and the little white dots started their circular dance. It took everything, every fibre of my being not to pick up my monitor and throw it through the window. I walked out of my room screaming profanities and kicked the fridge before reaching for the ice cream. I crawled in to bed, tub in hand, and just sulked.

I had planned on having the footage cut and edited, ready for buffering and upload Saturday morning while I was out in the city. I had the timeline all planned, and it was dashed. Best laid plans and all that jazz, right? So alas, the footage has not been uploaded yet. In fact, it’s only been semi edited for now as I hadn’t set aside any time on the weekend, planning for it to have been uploaded by then.

So, dear readers, I apologise for the delay. I am hoping to have the video up in a few days, slowly chipping away at it when I have a minute or two at home. It won’t be amazing, but I hope it will at least exist.

Until next time, stay silly, stay kind, and be nice to your PC so it doesn’t crash whenever it damn feels like and always, ALWAYS hit save. xx



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