Make Up Obsessions

I have a love-hate relationship with makeup. I love almost everything about it, except I hate how expensive it is in Australia. Whenever I see a beauty guru test high-end makeup vs “Drug store” makeup, their “$11.99 drug store” foundation is our $30 only option. A majority of their options don’t even exists for us – or at least they didn’t until Sephora and Mecca opened, but we still pay the shipping, tax, duty, etc. It’s infuriating and saddening and ugh. Whatever. Moving on.

Growing up in the theatre my family taught me how to do quick change caked on stage makeup at a young age. But growing up in the 90’s meant that most makeup was not really something you wore until you were in your final year or two of high school… and even then it was super dark eyeliner caked on around the eyes. Beauty Gurus didn’t exists yet because, well, YouTube didn’t exist (I’m just beginning to realise how old I am). So we youngins were left to fend for ourselves in the world of beauty. A lot of people are still left to fend for themselves because watching hours and hours of YouTube just isn’t on their to do list.

Recently (and I mean probably the last year or so) a lot of my free time is used up by watching beauty gurus and “influencers” on the internet. I spend hours watching faces transform in to art and I get so jealous that they have this talent and just look flawless – because makeup is so cheap/free for them (also their skin care routines are to die for). I mean, I have a LOT of makeup – to the point where I did a blog about using my old make up I forgot I had… But I always want more. I see how some of the products work and am just flawed by pigmentation, blendability, shade range, formulas, etc, but I always come back to price.

Then I discovered Makeup Revolution. I can’t remember who’s video I watched first, or who tried on the products I fell in love with, but lord almighty. My makeup lust turned in to a full blown obsession. I’m yet to come across a product I don’t love. Granted, I’m not as experienced in the luxury brand side of things, but realistically, who in my demographic is? My obsession has turned in to me showing up for work in almost full glam every day. Even on days I’m not client facing. These days it’s rare to see me un-makeuped (unless I’m having a really sensitive skin day).

I’m hoping to start using my obsession with make up this weekend to teach a friend who has very limited make up experience and knowledge. She’s given me permission to do a vlog about it, and I’m kinda digging the idea. I’m also very aware than I’m no expert, I am not a guru, and I have limited experience teaching in a field that’s not mine. So we’ll get the camera set up and we’ll see what happens. I may just end up taking snapshots throughout the day and seeing how everything progresses.

I’m also looking at doing a few blogs/vlogs in the future regarding transformations, the power of makeup  (it really, really does make me feel so much better), and maybe some reviews. Like I said, I’m not an expert, but I’ve loved makeup my whole life. And one of the biggest perks of adult hood is I can buy the makeup I want whenever I want, so it means I have a lot of concealers, lipsticks, powders… I even like the idea of doing some challenges just for a laugh.

I know I have a few beauty obsessed readers, so I’d love your input on all of this. Would you like to see some challenges go up? What challenges would you like to see? I also want to know when your obsessions with make up started, and how you found it impacts your routine day to day.

Until next time, darlings xx



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