Pips Pro Tip #3

You always have time to breathe.

Seems silly, but taking a few deep, deliberate breaths can do wonders to calm you down and help you focus. Make sure you breathe all the way in to your diaphragm and fill your lungs. Then exhale slowly, concentrating on nothing but the slow inhale and exhale. 5 truly deep breaths should take about 50 seconds – that’s less than a minute of your day to look after yourself in the simplest way possible!

2 thoughts on “Pips Pro Tip #3

    1. I think telling someone to breathe definitely has its place. If I’m having an anxiety attack or suffering a depressive episode, telling me to breathe is not going to help. But I tell young people I interview to take a deep breathe almost every other day. I walk through breathing exercises with them coz I know it’s a stressful situation and there’s probably a chance I need to take a breath or two as well. It helps them relax, helps me relax, and we start on even footing.


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