Happy Anniversary, Take 2!

Well! It’s been 2 years of Tirades in Teacups and I am shocked. Never did I imagine that I would have let myself keep something for this long, let alone been willing to invest finances in to it! I am also quite surprised at the lack of tirades, rants, fulminating and pontificating that I’ve done. When I began this silly little blog 2 years ago (that number is still baffling) I had genuinely expected to be nothing but ranting and complaining about the world and all the people in it.

As the homepage states, when I began this blog I had left social media and thought I would need an outlet, a place to convey my thoughts and ideas without an echo chamber. As it turns out, when I left social media, I left behind a lot of my anger and frustration. I found I was able to move on and just get on with my life and breathe through whatever came my way.

I know I’ve been a bit slack over the last two years, and I tend to not follow through on a lot of posts that say “I’ll explain in another post” or “That’s a post for another day!” and I really should go back through them and follow-up. And I will try. But that’s the best I can promise. I promise to try.

It’s been an interesting two years, and I am truly thankful for the readership that has been slowly growing. I am thankful for the continuous readership of some, the spontaneous readership of others, and I am thankful for the random people who click, read, then never visit again. I am thankful for those of you who clicked subscribed, and I am thankful for those who watch the Youtube videos that I rarely put up.

So, Happy Anniversary to me, to you, and to us.

thank you

And once again, thanks for sticking with me. Stay silly, kids. xx

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