Do you know why people get possessive of you?
Why they get attached and clingy?
Because you are power incarnate.
You are something every human has ever wanted embodied in something beautiful. You are the first rays of warm light after a harsh, cold night. You are the cool breeze against the sun burnt face on a summer’s day.
Your body held close is the warmth a cold dying man craves. You smell sweeter than the brightest flower in full bloom. You laugh and the darkest corners of the saddest mind are illuminated.
You are the iron fist in the velvet glove.
You breathe life in to those around you simply because you enter their space.
You will never understand what it feels like to be looked at fully with those eyes of yours. The feeling that hits every inch of a human’s soul when you give them your undivided attention and smile that heart breaking smile. The smile that lights the room and crinkles your eyes.
You’ll never fully grasp how cuttingly sharp your wit is and the wounds you leave and how we crave more.
You’ll never understand that you are the beautiful, unattainable embodiment of power we can only hope to hold for a fleeting moment.

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