I’ve been neglectful

I don’t know what else to say.

I’ve neglected this blog. The last post was almost 12 months ago to the day.

I’ve neglected my readers

My mental health

My physical health

My studies

My relationships

I’ve neglected my hopes and desires

And I’ve neglected my goals.

I am in the process of revising this blog and it’s purpose. When I first started it I was looking for a place to vent, to rant, to tirade. But when I let go of social media and 60% of advertising, I just had nothing to be constantly angry about. I calmed down exponentially and the blog became just a place to talk, to voice an opinion and to muse on things happening around and to me. I’m still angry at things, but I no longer hold the vitriol in my mind and my body.

I never followed up on anything.
Laser hair removal – huge success. I went back for more in different locations of my body before COVID kicked in and ruined my schedule.

Invisalign for my teeth? – even bigger success. Worth every penny of the 6.2 THOUSAND DOLLARS I spent (and am still paying off until march 2021).

I went to America and experienced Disneyland Anaheim – it was a dream come true (but Shanghai was genuinely better from a rides and character interaction perspective)

I started investing in my health and seeing a nutritionist/natropath – a journey of skepticism and ultimate surprise I would have loved to have shared with you.

I learned how to play the violin. Lessons with a human person and everything! There’s a whole heart string pulling story how it came about, and victories as well as pitfalls and mistakes. I even filmed the first 3 months of the learning process. I neglected this.

I didn’t get in to uni this time last year, but I did get in to TAFE and I aced it. I got qualified and it sparked my love of HR even further. and guess what! I got in to uni this year.

On top of successfully getting in to uni, I moved in with my partner. Something I’ve never done before. We’re currently living in a really hostile situation that is so bad for our individual and collective mental health, yet we’re stronger than ever. We have each others’ backs and are doing everything we can to keep our little internal paradise going. 1.5 years in and we’re not showing any sign of leaving the honeymoon phase.

My finances are finally on track. I fell in love with a budgeting software (YNAB aka You Need A Budget) and it’s been the best thing to ever happen to me and my partner. We have goals. We know how to achieve them. We can do fun things and have adventures and eat out and go places and still maintain our goals comfortably (Pre-COVID).

I’ve started living a more intentional life, slowly working towards sustainability and minimalism. Trying to lead by example to my friends and partner specifically on how much better life is when there aren’t a million things in the way that need washing, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

I changed jobs and got in to my HR career. I run my own little corner of HR in a small company that values my work and input and treats me with respect and flexibility! So many transitions I neglected to recognise and voice.

I’ve neglected all the things. I’ve neglected telling you, I’ve neglected checking in. So I now have a decision to make. Do I keep paying for a domain name that has nothing to do with what I do here (when I do something)? Do I keep paying for the domain and change the name? If so what do I change it to? Do I stop paying and just go back to a wordpress domain? But again, what do I change the name to?

2 thoughts on “I’ve been neglectful

  1. Welcome back. I noticed your absence, but it sounds like you’ve had a very productive year. Nothing wrong with being too busy and happy to blog. Since you ask, I like the name of your blog and think it could still serve you well if you continue. It’s a cute, funny oxymoron to me. I don’t think of tirades as being small enough to fit into tea cups! Anyway, if you continue to blog I will continue to follow. Always thought you were very funny and creative. By the way, I finally made it to Australia last year. I’ll blog about it, eventually……

    Congratulations on all of the things!



    1. I have to admit, Tracey, I missed you too. I finally got to read everything you’ve been up to too, and I was thrilled to see all your celebrations and successes!

      Thank you for continually supporting me. I like the idea of tirades in teacups being oxymoronic, I got caught up in the literal definition of “tirades”. I’m quite attached to the name too.

      I look forward to the blog about Australia!


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