I don’t remember falling asleep

Remember falling asleep in your spaghetti as a kid? I don’t, but there’s certainly photos of it happening. As kids we run around til our little hearts and heads can’t handle it any more, overwhelmed with the busy day of other kids, toys, cartoons, and cake, we shut down wherever we happen to be sitting. … More I don’t remember falling asleep

Pips Pro Tip #2

This tip seems strange at first, but trust me. Positive psychology has a lot to say about the words we use and the impact it has on those around us and their moods. Never apologise for being late. Flip the language and thank the people/person for their patience. It’s a simple Jedi mind trick to … More Pips Pro Tip #2

The Responsibility of Writers – Finding an old assessment journal

While going through my digital files I came across a folder from 2016 when I was attempting my third (maybe fourth) degree. This one was Writing, Editing and Publishing. Something I gave up after the first semester because I was sick of being given low grades because the lecturer disagreed with my views on morality … More The Responsibility of Writers – Finding an old assessment journal