Nailed It

I’m back to vlogging! I can only apologise for the lack of any sort of YouTube content, but I needed down time. At the same time it felt good to being back in front of the camera and not worrying about makeup, hair, what I was wearing… and the filming style is very… hodge-podge to … More Nailed It

Pips Pro Tip #1

Alrighty McFrighty! Lets kick this baby off with a super common beauty tip that seems crazy that not everyone knows it! Using a priming/prepping spray (or even water) to make your eye shadow and highlighting POP! Have you ever done your makeup and wondered why it isn’t as pigmented and glowy as the magazines, or … More Pips Pro Tip #1

Feeling lonely

I’m happily single. I’ve tried relationships, been in love, and still I prefer the single life. I’ve mentioned previously that I never want kids, and my dream is to be the eccentric aunt who travels and brings back crazy stories of adventure and a few trinkets for her nieces and nephews and god children. Lord … More Feeling lonely

Not Everyone Should Be Vego/Vegan – an upsetting and controversial stance.

Let me preface this with I’m veggo. I’ve been vegetarian for nearly 2 years now and not really showing any sign of slowing down. If anything, I’m probably becoming more disturbingly accidentally¬† consciously¬†vegan in my food practices. But I’ll be honest. I like eggs, I love honey, and creamy ice cream is fucking fantastic – … More Not Everyone Should Be Vego/Vegan – an upsetting and controversial stance.

Book Vs E-reader

Now, we know I love my books. They’re my preciouseses and I need them with, around, near and on me at all times. But I have indeed confessed to being a e-reader owner as well. I want to compile a short list of pros and cons for both, and kind of explain how (and why) … More Book Vs E-reader

I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)

So, a few weeks ago I underwent a dramatic aesthetic change. I chopped all my hair off. I went from Rapunzel to Flynn Rider… but shorter. Ok, maybe not that suave.¬† Let’s be real for a moment… I look like one of the Stabbington brothers banged Justin Beiber and birthed me. That delightful imagery aside, … More I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)