Make Up Obsessions

I have a love-hate relationship with makeup. I love almost everything about it, except I hate how expensive it is in Australia. Whenever I see a beauty guru test high-end makeup vs “Drug store” makeup, their “$11.99 drug store” foundation is our $30 only option. A majority of their options don’t even exists for us … More Make Up Obsessions

I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)

So, a few weeks ago I underwent a dramatic aesthetic change. I chopped all my hair off. I went from Rapunzel to Flynn Rider… but shorter. Ok, maybe not that suave.  Let’s be real for a moment… I look like one of the Stabbington brothers banged Justin Beiber and birthed me. That delightful imagery aside, … More I feel pretty… Oh so pretty! (Another beauty blog!)


Look at yourself, woman.  Look within yourself and see the pain and anguish you suffer.  Search yourself for the flaws you despise, the fat, the sloth, the confusion.  See the things you don’t like about yourself, the things on which you dwell too long.  Examine how you treat yourself within your mind, the words you … More Woman.