Pips Pro Tip #4

Know your strengths. This tip is useful in a range of situations. Whether it’s going to a job interview or when being asked to complete a task; knowing your strengths is a massive bonus and will always help you feel better about yourself as you think about them. It could be “hard working” or “resilience”, … More Pips Pro Tip #4

Pips Pro Tip #2

This tip seems strange at first, but trust me. Positive psychology has a lot to say about the words we use and the impact it has on those around us and their moods. Never apologise for being late. Flip the language and thank the people/person for their patience. It’s a simple Jedi mind trick to … More Pips Pro Tip #2

Pips Pro Tip #1

Alrighty McFrighty! Lets kick this baby off with a super common beauty tip that seems crazy that not everyone knows it! Using a priming/prepping spray (or even water) to make your eye shadow and highlighting POP! Have you ever done your makeup and wondered why it isn’t as pigmented and glowy as the magazines, or … More Pips Pro Tip #1

Transient Friendships

tran·sient ˈtranSHənt,ˈtranzēənt’ adjective  lasting only for a short time; impermanent.   friend ‘frend’ noun  a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection   I have had a lot of good friends in my life time. I’ve had some seriously shitty “friends” in my life time too, but we’ll ignore them … More Transient Friendships