Do you know why people get possessive of you? Why they get attached and clingy? Because you are power incarnate. You are something every human has ever wanted embodied in something beautiful. You are the first rays of warm light after a harsh, cold night. You are the cool breeze against the sun burnt face … More You

I can’t sleep

I can’t sleep since you’ve been here. I lie in bed and feel you next to me, but you’ve left. I miss the feel of your hair through my fingers, the warmth of your cheek as my fingertips dance along your jaw. I miss the softness of your lips on mine. Our bodies pressed together … More I can’t sleep


Look at yourself, woman.  Look within yourself and see the pain and anguish you suffer.  Search yourself for the flaws you despise, the fat, the sloth, the confusion.  See the things you don’t like about yourself, the things on which you dwell too long.  Examine how you treat yourself within your mind, the words you … More Woman.

The Death of Love

The death of love is not loud, but a whisper in your ear at night when all seems right and calm. It’s the poison that slowly seeps through the mind, down the spine and to the heart. The death of love is angry and bitter, but mournful. The scorn which devours communication as it eats … More The Death of Love